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May we first and foremost offer you our congratulations on your forthcoming wedding ceremony.

With so many tales of couples that have had problems on their big day, many ask; “How can this be avoided?” The solution is here. All suppliers of Trusted Wedding Suppliers are vetted for you in many ways, to assure you of a quality service.Every supplier is thoroughly checked before they are listed and accredited by us. We also run impromptu checks throughout the year on all our suppliers to ensure standards are maintained.

Suppliers failing to comply with our stringent checks or fail to keep up with insurances and other required certificates are automatically suspended. Should the above ever happen, and, if the supplier fails to correct the issue, then, if you have booked services with one of our suppliers through our unique online system, you are automatically notified and if required we will act as a mediatory between you and the supplier to ensure a successful resolution.

Once registered on our system, we will not share or distribute any information that you provide. You are free to contact any of our members using our online system safe in the knowledge that they cannot access your details. The only person who may decide to pass these details to one of our registered services is you.

Brides to be, together with  corporate and wedding venues rely on the Trusted Wedding Suppliers more and more. We do all of the hard work for you when it comes to choosing a professional wedding supplier, wedding venue or corporate entertainment service. Our  list of qualified professional services representing the Trusted Wedding Suppliers is constantly growing. Book with confidence where you see our logo.

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